CPFL Energia S.A.

CPFL Energia S.A. is a Electricity located in the United States. It specializes in Electric power and employs 7,924 employees. SSL certificate for CPFL Energia S.A. was issued by GeoTrust Inc. to a website domain: www.cpfl.com.br. This SSL certificate was issued to CPFL Energia S.A in the BR.

Company NameCPFL Energia S.A.
Traded As BM&F Bovespa: cvm=18660: CPFE3 , nyse: CPL ,
Number of employees7,924
Key PeopleAndré Dorf (CEO)
Headquarters Location
Business Foundation Start date: 1912
Business ProductsElectric power

CPFL Energia S.A. SSL Details

Certificate IssuerGeoTrust Inc.
Certificate Issuer CountryUS
Certificate DetailsGeoTrust SSL CA - G3
Certificate Issued ToCPFL Energia S.A
Business Country on CertificateBR
Business City on CertificateSao Paulo
Business Website on Certificatewww.cpfl.com.br